artmonte-carlo / forum

artmonte-carlo / forum is an international platform dedicated to thought production, collaborations and exchanges. Complementing the gallery space, it brings together art professionals and thinkers to discuss and imagine common projects.

This space invite people to share ideas, socialize and network, whilst enjoying the view on the Mediterranean Sea.

This year, the forum will be presented in a literary way with the production of the book Relative Intimacies / Intersubjectivity Vol. III published by Sternberg Press.

Sun-ha Hong, Agnieszka Kurant, Farid Rakun and Lou Cantor, Tiana Reid, Emily Watlington, Jenna Sutela, Kevin Gotkin, John Miller, Camille Henrot, Aleksandra Przegalinska, Lynn Hershman Leeson and Samatha Ozer, Constant Dullaart, Patrick Urs Riechert and Elena Vogman, Isabel de Sena, Hal Foster, Tobias Kaspar

Frederick Cruz Nowell, X Zhu-Nowell, Devin Kenny, Dora Budor and Cecilia Bengolea


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Art Talk, 2019. From left to right: Joachim Pflieger (Fondation Fiminco, Paris), Mareike Dittmer (Muzeum Susch / Art Stations Foundation CH, Susch), Eva Brioschi (Collezione La Gaia, Busca). ©BoyerManon