Turning Inward / Artists Space

Launch of the book Turning Inward (2015, Sternberg Press) at Artists Space Books and Talks

Artists Space Books & Talks hosts a conversation between artist collective Lou Cantor, art historian David Joselit, and philosopher Reza Negarestani, moderated by artist Abraham Adams. The event marks the release of the publication Turning Inward (Sternberg Press, 2015), a collection of texts and essays edited by Lou Cantor and Clemens Jahn, to which Joselit and Negarestani contributed. Departing from metaphors of center and periphery which dominated artistic discourses during the twentieth century, Turning Inward addresses the spatial logic of globalization and its attendant breakdown of distinctions among modes of discourse from the visual arts to urbanism, politics, education, and philosophy. A group of works curated by Abraham Adams will be presented during the release, responding to the themes raised by Joselit and Negarestani in the book.

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