Sonic Territories: The Beishan Broadcast Wall Exhibited

Works from an artists-run journey at the Beishan Broadcast Wall, Taiwan

Hsia-Fei Chang (Taiwan/France)
Wang Fu-Jui (Taiwan)
Augustin Maurs (France/Germany)
Ada Kai-Ting Yang (Taiwan/Germany)

Taipei Representative Office in the Federal Republic of Germany
Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government
Bureau Français de Taipei
Xue-xue Institute, Taipei
Kinmen Country Government Cultural Office
Kinmen Country Government Tourism Office
KKL Hu-Lien Culture & Arts Foundation
HEDD Heinz Electrodynamic Designs, Berlin

initiated by Augustin Maurs (concept) et Ada Kai-Ting Yang (production and curatorial advisor)

The Beishan “broadcast wall” of the Kinmen Island in Taiwan was erected on the Beishan cliff, facing the see and Mainland China 6.4km away. The broadcast wall is a three-story-high concrete structure holding 48 loudspeakers that were used to broadcast propaganda messages across the Taiwan Strait to Mainland China until the late 1970s. It stands as a somewhat peculiar and monumental memorial – and as one of the biggest loudspeaker structures ever built.

While standing on a frontier, the broadcast wall also abolishes it. Sound blurs boundaries and reaffirms the porosity of space. In August 2018, invited by Augustin Maurs and Ada Kai-Ting Yang, a group of five Taiwanese and international artists will re-activate and re-invent the Beishan broadcast wall in the course of an artist-run research residency. During this investigation, the loudspeaker construction will become a twofold instrument where outer and inner voices cross, and where artist voices merge with the voices of local participants. The artistic results of the initiative will be shown on-site at the Beishan loudspeaker wall in Kinmen during a “concert-exhibition” event.

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