programme 2018 : art talks & performances

Samedi 28 avril 2018, 11:00
« Monaco place d’Art »
Grimaldi Forum Monaco
En collaboration avec Monaco Art Week

Intervenants :

  • David NAHMAD (collectionneur)
  • Martin GUESNET (Président BOTOX, directeur Europe d’Artcurial)
  • Thomas HUG (directeur artmonte-carlo et artgenève)
  • Fabrizio MORETTI (Vice-président Association Monaco Art Week, Secretaire General de “Biennale Internazionale dell’antiquariato di Firenze”, Moretti Fine Arts (Monaco, Londres)


Samedi 28 avril 2018, 18:00
« Start-up: Business and Art »
A discussion with Dakis Joannou, entrepreneur and collector of contemporary art and Sir Stelios Hajiioannou, entrepreneur and philanthropist
Grimaldi Forum Monaco
Moderator: Yorgos Archimandritis, author, cultural radio producer and journalist

 A neologism connected to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the word “Start-up” refers to the notion of the beginning, the commencement, the genesis: that of the new idea that comes into being and is materialized. How is this idea conceived? How is it implemented? Are there any common points between the launch of a business and an art collection? Do they follow the same principles? What are their common points and their differences? What is the role of inspiration and imagination in this process? Would the desire to create and share be the foundation of every human endeavor?

The conference will be held in English.

With the support of Sophia Vaharis Tsouvelekakis, President of the Hellenic Community of Monaco.


Dimanche 29 avril 2018, 18:00
« Contemporary Iran »
Grimaldi Forum Monaco
Panel discussion proposed by Magic of Persia

The contemporary Iranian art field has been growing in the global scene much faster than ever before. Its evolution in the 21st century is owed to not only the increased number of artists in the homeland and in the diaspora, but also to the Iranian curators and institutes whose involvement in the field have been immeasurable.

In collaboration with artmonte-carlo 2018, Magic of Persia (A London-based Art Charity Foundation) will present a panel discussion and an exhibition titled Contemporary Iran.

The panel aims to discuss the contemporary condition of Iranian art both locally and globally from various aspects encompassing educational, artistic and economical angles. While the exhibition presents a historiographical review of the formation of the relation between art and society in Iran. This exhibition showcases some archival material as well as artworks by artists such as Shadi Ghadirian, Khosrow Hassanzadeh, Bahman Jalali, Ali Akbar Sadeghi and Parviz Tanavoli to name a few.


  • Fereydoun Ave; Artist
  • Dornaz Hajiha; Film-Maker
  • Rose Issa; Writer, Curator and Publisher
  • Dina Nasser Khadivi; Independent Curator and International Consultant Specialised in Middle Eastern Contemporary Art ‎at Christie’s

Moderated by Fereshte Moosavi; Art Director and Curator, PhD Curatorial/Knowledge, Goldsmiths University of London

The conference will be held in English


Du 26 au 29 avril 2018

Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, Grimaldi Forum
VIOLIN CONCERTO (Georges Balanchine) + ABSTRACT/LIFE (Jean-Christophe Maillot)

Dans le cadre du partenariat avec artmonte-carlo, bénéficiez d’un tarif préférentiel pour l’achat de votre billet de spectacle, sur présentation de votre billet d’entrée au salon artmonte-carlo.

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