bOUncE clUB, installation for dialoguing and bouncing from s.marin / 2018

[c r i s s – c r o s s] art institutions in dialogue, Espace Diaghilev, Grimaldi Forum, Monaco

bOUNCE cLUB an installation for dialoguing and bouncing 

smarin has leading a research on mechanical and therapeutic gestures since 2012.
Several objects and proposals have emerged : Sifflu, Nap Bar, Kairos, la sChaise.

The design proposal is the following one :
– sChaises, trampoline seats : Rebound, in the same gesture, relaxation of tension and dynamics of the elastic force of the seats.
– Parasols awnings to lift or to lower, choose distance and opening.
– Musical instruments tables.

A colorful and aerial geometry inviting the visitor to take a seat in the architecture inhabited by this autonomous space.

Inside the space, there is the possibility of producing a new gesture.

The opportunity is to invent an individual and collective multi-sensory experience :
inhabiting in one’s body / living in rhythm / swinging / improvising music / hiding / showing off / ….

The Bounce Club is a “mechanical and microsociological experience in elastic ground”.
A performance will take place on Friday, April 27th 2018, at 05:00 pm during the opening.