Book Launch & Cocktail Reception at the Serpentine Gallery

Lancement de Intersubjectivity, Vol. II
avec Avi Alpert, Hannah Black, Harry Burke, Lucky Dragons, Anselm Franke, Boris Groys, Mashinka Firunts Hakopian, Sarah Harrison, Victoria Ivanova, Josh Kline, Erika Landström, Goshka Macuga, Natasha Stagg, Jeanne Vaccaro / édité par Lou Cantor & Katherine Rochester

Lundi 1er Octobre
Serpentine Pavilion designed by Frida Escobedo
Kensington Gardens London
Sur invitation

« The second in a series of edited volumes on the topic of intersubjectivity, this collection of essays considers the relationship between performance, subjectivity, and human agency. Certain texts explore the ways in which performance is decoupled from human embodiment via forms of mediation, mechanical reproduction or simulation. Others seek to examine how performance is conceptualized. Encompassing both historical and speculative perspectives. Scripting the Human explores the ways in which non-human (or trans/post-human) entities complicate notions of subjectivity and exert intersubjective pressures of their own on social, political, scientific and philosophical discourses. Might the interaction between two chatbots—whose behavioral patterns are modeled on human traits—be intersubjective, or are they simply scripted? Can scripting the human lead to transformative encounters or does it produce a closed system whose complexity obscures its ultimate limitations? Ranging from the origins of contemporary conceptions of intersubjectivity in Continental Philosophy to more recent formulations that derive from systems theory, trans identity, and the emergent field of bot pedagogy. Scripting the Human approaches intersubjectivity as both historical phenomenon and nascent mode of present-day relation. »

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