Asad Raza / 2018

Asad Raza, Root sequence. Mother tongue

Rockbund Art Museum (RAM), Shanghai

Root sequence. Mother tongue is an assembly, an environment, or a metabolism: it is composed of 26 trees in wheeled containers, treated flooring, UV lighting, custom scent, and a group of human caretakers and objects that belong to them. The piece is not merely the elements assembled but the relations of care, causality and narration between the living and non-living entities there present. A metabolic process ensues in which visitors experience a form of con-sociality or a “being with” the trees, caretakers, and objects. It also functions as an environment, i.e. allowing for the proprioception of its particular visual, sonic, and aromatic conditions. Root sequence. Mother tongue suggests the ur-place of the forest, with the attendant mythico-historic connotations.


This project is realised with the help of Rolls-Royce Art Programme, Villa Arson and Izolyatsia.


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