Anna Boghiguian / 2019

Anna Boghiguian, Sail and Boat, Alligator and Mickey Mouse watching the world passing

Born in 1946 in Cairo, Anna Boghiguian studied economics and politics in Cairo and art and music in Montreal. Since the 1970s she has continued to move between different countries throughout the world, from Egypt to Canada and India to France. She has always brought a critical, sharp observation of the human condition throughout these journeys, distilling it into her artistic practice, one that includes writing, drawing, painting and sculpture, realized in books, assemblages and environmental installations. Two recent installations by Boghiguian are being hosted in the Grande Verrière at the Grimaldi Forum: Boat, Alligator and Mickey Mouse watching the world passing, and the vast painted Sail. Micro- and macro-narratives emerge from within these works, bringing together past and present: global commercial networks or slavery and colonialism, struggles and conflicts, from the Second World War up to our own times, events that cross-over with philosophy, literature and myth.

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