7 Ideas of Stolen Time

édition 2016

Saâdane Afif, John Armleder & Christian Marclay, Jean-Pascal Flavien, Karl Holmqvist, Jonathan Monk, Tisha Mukarji, LouisPhilippe Scoufaras & special guest

The 2016 edition of artgenève-musique 7 Ideas of Stolen Time draws on the musical notion of “Tempo Rubato” (Italian for “stolen time”). A key term in the Western music of the 19th century, the Tempo Rubato originally evoked the rhythmic freedom taken by the interpreter in relation to the score. More extensively, the “Tempo Rubato” incarnates the singularity of the musical act as an irreproducible union between time and space. Its literal root (stealing time: a sin) recalls a heretic and recurrent need to overcome the “given” time within its codified and institutionalized use. Beyond this quest, the idea of “stolen time” emerges as the necessity of accessing the moment, of entering reality.

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