M50, Hans-Walter Müller, Esplanade du Grimaldi Forum

Hans-Walter Müller was born the 25th December 1935 in Germany.

He graduated as an ingenior from Darmstadt Polytechnical School Germany (1961), he continued his architectural studies in Paris and started his architectural research using the materials available at that time : artificial light, the projected image, the sound, the plastic material, electric motors, serving the –architecture of movement- (1965).

He is known for being part the -cinematic art- movement developing its and opening new fields of opportunity to architecture, which became -air architecture- (1965-2006).

For the past forty-five years he has been living and working in France, at La Ferté-Alais, in one of his inflatable houses on an airfield in which he works on his artwork. He is the creator of numerous prokects in franc e and abroad which hav e foudn their utility at the heart of reality.